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Presentation is a significant aspect of a business, and is no less important than Performance. Today, when a major share of the real-time market has already shifted to its own digitised version.

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Merely having a website is not a sure fire bait to become a successful online business, but it is surely the first step of the ladder.

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With the advent of Web 2.0, the World Wide Web has donned the garb of an interactive platform that brings the people on both sides of the screen on the same page.

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It is no less than a transformation when you choose to go digital after spending years as a successful brand in the real-time world. The main reason behind this belief is that the entire method of working changes.

Static Web Designing

Static Web Design allows a website to display its products or services online in a simpler manner. Static design is suited well for the websites that don’t require much changes or updates often.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

How to Start Content Strategy For Website Marketing

When we investing virtual world strategies, we witnessed of different marketing strategies in internet marketing and it's receiving easy to wrapped up all the different ways of marketing tool to creature on the net. Content of a website is a snap of the whole thing in a website. A content audit is a best tool and technique to get in touch with user to know about website.

How many like click on my Facebook page? How many follower I attain on Twitter? Have I gotten a number of link that I predictable? All these genuine question always pushed us to being on social media site but doing so, you did not pay attention to your home page itself. You did not put enough amount of effort to your main home page and weaving a net of all other media apart from your main page of your site.

Content explain all of your problem silently, so content audit play a important role to present your site on lead search engine category. Content audit I know time overriding, so do it once in a year and if you owned same website for more than 3 year then make some little changes on content section after some interval period because it capture the attention of search engine's robot to index your site page. If you do it yourself then it made little difficult to judge your writing ability or else can hire a content service provider company.  

Some important benefits of content auditing:
·         Identifying your content problem.
·         Evaluate content quality of your site.
·         Determining the content gaping in your site.
·         Renovate your content strategies.
·         Improve content architecture of your site.
·         Improve information clarity to your users.
·         Better Management.
·         Provide the pertest value of your content.
·         Help to know about the broken link of your site.
·         Help to rectify some unnecessary pages from your site.
·         Help to design your pages presentation strategy because user does not have a patience to read out whole content within same page, so break it into different pages.
·         Content auditing help to rectify the content appearance on your site that does not support your business purpose.
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Know the importance of PHP for online business world

Success of online business is always depends on the presentation of your website, how it looks when a visitor click on your website and how long they stay on that page? Does presentation of your website, tedious or impressive to your user? These entire questions are scratching your mind when you want to start online business but if you follow some basic steps then you can present magnificent layout to your visitors. All the business activities are performing under some website designing rules and quality of your web page makes your business brighter among the competition. How can you recognize your website on internet when you click a particular Domain name? Simple, type your company name and here are the various result in front of you and one of them is your website. Do you want this process with your website? If No then explore the numerous important website development techniques available in the market.

The main goal of any online businessman is to engage their user or visitor for long transaction when they click on a website. A Website is like as which attract visitor and get more attention for further click. There are numerous options of web development technologies available in the market and PHP is one of them. PHP is highly demanding now a day because of its substantial advantages. This PHP technology used to create dynamic website which brought easily interactivity to its users.

What is the work / importance of PHP to online business?

PHP plays a vital role to online businessman because it brings you to co-ordinate with your user easily, interact with your user through email, live chat, live call and many other sources. Using PHP technology, it is very simple to illustrate your business purpose in front of your customer or clients. PHP helps to moderate your customer need that helps you to revise your business views.

PHP is also a tool which serves you a website with fast speed ability to upload; it can be integrated with the latest application that is MySQL. PHP help to enhance more revenue due to the web presence and it attain more attention from the numerous community or groups.

PHP can offer you effective use of your time and save hours of web programming without sacrificing quality and project importance. PHP is user friendly website that is quicker than the other demanding script language; it reduces development cost and save money. 

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

What step should follow when Design a Website.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a graphic designer or web designer, all technical person have system set up that will help you to get the work done faster in proper manner with perfection where things organized and positive one to both clients as well to you also. Follow the below step with some template example that make your work little bit easy to understand this article.

       1 - Project Navigation

The first and most important step is to navigate the requirement of the clients, what type of website he or she wants to design.  Ensure yourself first for your project detail and that will optimize from the clients. It acts as your point of reference during the project.

a)      First know the every detail of company profile.
b)      Know the market position of the company.
c)       What types of Message Company want to convey to its audience through various images.
d)      You should to know the targeted market.
e)      Also ensure about the objective of the company, what type of quantity clients want to attain.

f)       Keep in mind always the deadline of the project.

Website Designing Company

2-  Research Gateway

After handling clients project, now it’s your duty to make some deep research on internet related to your project. Internet is easy medium to explore the market and know the latest trend and technology avail to make your work more beneficial.

3        3-Make a Strategy

B      Before putting pencil on your paper, it is imperative to make a proper and meaningful strategy to start your project because some designer always made same mistake each time, they start their project and if further they need any different planning then it makes their work so messy. So, make a strategy.

     4- Develop your Project Now!

After preparing a proper strategy, now it’s time to start your project. Few step are-
a)      Mind set up to design a perfect look to your website through perfect words and ideas to create a website.
b)      Organize a sequence of pre visual picture in animated and motion picture format.
c)       Write appropriate words that you mention while preparing strategy.
d)      Create a layout first to rectify the internal error in your project.

        5-Refining of Website!

It is now the duty of client to judge their website after presented by the designer in PDF file, now client have to give  its feedback on it that how it satisfy with their requirement or it match with the keywords of audience search.

6          6 -  Launch your work on Net

After getting approve from the client, designer now have a authority to upload their work online that include print and web work.

Final congratulation invoice sent to you by your client and you get appreciation for your perfect work. So, follow above step to make your designing work more precious and demand able. 

Good Luck………

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Get Some tips for Web Design and Development

How many types of website on www ?

Web Designing Services

What is a website?
Website is collection of data, images, video and animation structures that make it live on World Wide Web”. Website is perfect combination of some graphics and text that provide numerous information to its user from where they can attain some valuable knowledge about their query or questions. All the work or data found on website is done together by applying some specific code that can range from simple source like HTML to less simple languages like PHP, Perl and Asp. While designing a website, designer followed two most popular method is ‘Static method’ and ‘Dynamic method’.
Mostly website designed according to their purpose and function. We define each one by category:
1-      Brochure type website
These types of website mainly build to provide the business information. Brochure website builds in static format. The main purpose of this website is to inform the public or userabout the business type, location of your business and working hours. Mainly it prepares insimple single page but sometime some supportive page should be added after requirement of the client. If anyone want to provides his or her information through online, so then must select this.
2-      Information websites
These types of website build to provide the imperative information that the user need to obtain.
If the purpose of your business is to provide information to the market, so opt to use this type of website; here site contain different types of contents like articles, any blog post usually to provide information to the audience. If your business is favor with information marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing, then use this website.
3-      Social media websites
What make you to connect with other? Of course, social media. Social media website is that allow you to share your connection with other and get in touch with them forever. Social media website allows creating your own profile and sharing it with other peoples to attain more popularity on internet. ‘Facebook’ and ‘MySpace’ are the best examples of social media website.
 4-      E-commerce website
Ecommerce website builds for the purpose of selling something online, here seller can sell their product or service online to its audience and attains profit. If you start a designing and development business and want to sell your services all over the world, ecommerce website is the answer of your question.
5-      Education website
The purpose of this website is to providing educational information to its students or teachers. At here, student can obtain unlimited information about their queries about any course, assignment, project, practical question, online test and many more. When user visithere, they can get unlimited information but not a purchasing website, so do not assume anything to purchase here.
6-      Hybrid websites
These website help you to interact and expose more by creating two or more website.  
7-      CMS/ Content management system website
This is the site where owner of the website can easily update and change the any information on its own website. No need to hire anybody for certain changes, it allow you to create your own website according to your taste or design. Here, you can update images, content and product etc. as you need at any time.
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

5 Step to Choose Best Web Development Company in India

Professional Website Development Company
First view to urge people when down to your website. The main priority of every online business firm is to attain more and more audience on their website and generate revenue. You have to present your work with brand experience. We at Webzesty.net, know the desire of our clients and also perform our duty with proper manner that merge your reputation along with revenue. Today, most of the organization is able to compensate with the present scenario to match up their feet to attain position that brings their business volume more generable and responsible. Here, we are mentioning some crucial step to choose best web development company that provides best web development services with afford return.

1- Make a list your website requirement

Standardization doesn't protest popularity of any web development company in India. The best way to move into final decision, just look back to rectify all the project or work of that company. Website represent your identity, always aware about the latest techniques of website designing and expect that for your website. Make a proper list of your requirement and get in contact with that company who is able to offer with afford. You should consider that what type of website you want and which source will be acceptable that suit with your business purpose.

2- Budget suit service aspect

The main thing behind every business is that the online business world is presenting newest and unique project daily, so you have to match you with them but always focus that web development services is suit with your budget, not more expensive as per services offered.You have to maintain your budget and also maintain the services desire what you want for your website.

3- Explore history record

Another thing is to being confident about your decision that just investigate the history of that company. It is simple to look up into their portofolio section, portofolio of any web development company in India represent the standard of company. Know the existence of company, about their business relation, feedback through testimonial section and also find that the company is registered or not. A good web development company favour to explain the well planned strategy for any web development services, so always consider that you need to express you requirement and rectify it with that agency.

4- Communication and feedback

When you hire any company, make proper communication network with them because it helps both the party. It helps company through availing them about your desire and you also aware from your project.

5- Consider about your achievement

Lead on top search engine and get more traffic on your site, so always aware about the latest techniques of leading search engine. Some important goal which you should to follow when hired any agency that how your website attain more leads, sales, improve the brand image and keep in touch with consumers. 

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Top Four Reasons Why to Prefer an Offshore Web Development Company

Web design and development companies in India build fast and expandable web systems which decrease aggravation and increase profits of the company. One get website design, offshore programming, custom offshore website development, database design and development, SEO friendly interactive web services at affordable price.
Following are the 4 reasons why to prefer offshore web development.
1. High Reliability: One may be on expert, experienced software Development Company that has large and small web projects with well documented codes; those are designed and meticulously tested delivering high quality solutions in prescribed time frame.
2. Reasonable Cost: Get an offer for your web development services at reasonable price that cost less than that of the US and UK based companies.
3. Technically Advanced: You can get leading-edge technology solutions, maintenance and scalable. These companies could provide Web Programming software and particular expertise in open standards technologies .NET and Java/J2EE platform to develop the integrate projects.
4. Complete Internet Solutions: Get full-cycle offshore development services from starting to end, which includes- multimedia web design and development, corporate intranet portals, e-commerce solutions, database driven website development, etc.
Website Designing Company in India is strong base for businesses. It presents you online and also builds a brand name of your business. Try to make it in a different way from your competitors with new and innovative ideas which bring your potential prospects to your business. You can hire offshore development team from India. They can fulfill your desire what you want for you.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Web Development Affordable and Efficient Services

Webzesty is a well-known web designing and Web Development Company in India. We design and develop websites that are creative, proficient and capable of attractive a large number of visitors. As an inventive web developing company and an offshore website designing enterprise, our talented experts are able to offer web designs that meet the needs and budget of both, small as well as the big business organizations. Our customized site developers and designer strive to achieve the company’s goals and vision. As a web designing company, we lay emphasis on offering our customers with personalized and accessible designs. You can also outsource major web designing projects to us. Webzesty.net is a world renowned web designing agency that offers the customers with creative and user friendly sites that provide absolute satisfaction to them.

From well featured flashy sites to statically designed HTML sites, our custom site developers and designers are ready to offer 24 x 7 affordable and efficient services. Webzesty staff is dedicated to help the clients and to give their best. We make effort to offer our client with an absolute variety of outsourced web developing and designing services such as e commerce site development, custom made website designing, CMS strategies and complete web development services. We make the best use of our knowledge in order to deliver the top class service at very low prices.